CREATIVE FROM THE OUTSIDE - for makers, performers & writers. 

WHEN: 7pm-9pm, Thursday 9 November

WHERE: The Undercroft Theatre, Serpentine Green, Hampton.

WHAT: Play with the ideas and themes that actor Vic Llewellyn and musician Kid Carpet are exploring in their next show:

If there was no one left on Earth to listen to your music, would you still write it anyway? 

If you were stranded on an uninhabited desert island would you still bother to sing new songs?

If you were in solitary confinement without a musical instrument and reprimanded if you sang out loud, would you still make up music in your head? 

What would those songs be about?  Why would you bother?   Does Art need an audience?

The Castle Builder show is about Outsider artists who took it upon themselves to build extraordinary outdoor structures.  From what we can gather they didn’t call themselves artists, neither did they care much if people ignored them, or saw their work. 

Does having an audience release us, or bind us?    How often do you dance alone? 

COST: FREE to ticket holders of Castle Builder or £10

WHO: For anyone interested in exploring performance: musicians, actors, writers, dancers, spoken word performers, stand-up's, students.  Participants should be aged 16+

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The cast of the castle builder wil lead this workshop

The cast of the castle builder wil lead this workshop


Vic Llewellyn & Kid Carpet first worked together in the Bristol Tobacco Factory’s Christmas show The Lost Present.


Ed Patrick was a normal young man who lived in Bristol and aspired to be a musician. Until he went to his local car boot sale with a ten pound note and returned with a plastic guitar, a child’s keyboard and a toy tape deck. He put his name into an online anagram generating machine and Kid Carpet was born.

Kid Carpet began making music with old keyboards, toys, computers, a sellotaped up broken electric guitar and a punk rock DIY attitude. Hundreds of gigs got smashed as headline and support to acts like Art Brut, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Electric 6, Willy Mason, Arcade Fire, The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players and Presidents Of The United States Of America.

A bunch of EP’s and albums popped out:

Roll On The Carpet (2003), Shit Dope (2003), Ideas & Oh Dears (2005), The Kids Back (2007), Casio Royale (2008), The Advert Break (2010), Songs From Repo Chick (2011).

Kid carpet started to make theatre for families. Initially by accident and then later on purpose.

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals (2012), Blast Off! (2013) and Kid Carpet & The Noisy Neighbours (2015) have now been followed by Noisy Nativity, a completely bonkers family Christmas show and third instalment of the Noisy Animals saga which played at The Tobacco Factory Brewery Theatre in Bristol throughout December and into January 2016.


Trained at Ecole Phillippe Gaulier in1991 -1992 and has made theatre ever since. He was a member of Desperate Men Theatre Company making the street shows, The Lighthouse, The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, Rick, Dick & Vic Extreme…, and The Miracle Show. He also was part of the team that made and toured dot Comedy’s large outdoor maze, GET LOST! He co-wrote and performed in RUST, an adult puppet show by Green Ginger. He was part of the original ensemble that devised movement and Puppetry for Improbable’s Phillip Glass opera Satyagraha which has played at the E.N.O. and The Metropolitan Opera House. He played the part of Vic in Tim Crouch’s The Author which played at The Royal Court Theatre. He first worked with Ed Patrick (Kid Carpet) in The Lost Present for the Tobacco factory theatre. He also appeared as Sinbad for their Christmas show the Last Voyage of Sinbad. He has also worked for Oxford Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light theatre, theatre Alibi and most recently at Salisbury Playhouse in Updown Man.