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The Collaborative Touring Network is supported by:

Battersea Arts Centre

Battersea Arts Centre offers opportunities for people of all generations to develop their creativity. Brand new shows are invented and performed here, sometimes taking over the whole building. Young people come to Battersea Arts Centre to develop their creativity, confidence and enterprising Ideas, children and adults can play together and we host monthly tea dances, welcoming in local people of all ages. Open all year round, we make great food every day in the Scratch Bar and prepare huge banquets for all the weddings, parties and conferences we host. For those who can’t make it to Battersea, we take out our shows and projects to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

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Britain’s most influential theatre
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BAC Touring

The Collaborative Touring Network is part of Battersea Arts Centre’s Touring project. Co-productions that develop through Battersea Arts Centre’s Scratch process can go on to become part of the touring programme. BAC touring enables audiences far beyond Battersea to share in a discovery of tomorrow’s theatre. The programme launched in August 2011 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, since then Battersea Arts Centre has toured work all over the world; from Latitude Festival and The Southbank Centre in the UK, to China, New Zealand and New York City Internationally.

Collaborative Touring Network

The Collaborative Touring Network is a partnership between Battersea Arts Centre and eight different producing teams based in Darlington, Gloucester, Hull, Medway, Peterborough, Thanet, Torbay and Wigan. Coming together with the joint aim of inspiring an entirely new generation of theatre-goers, the Collaborative Touring Network will navigate its way across the country to bring inspiring performance to audiences.

From Autumn 2016 until Spring 2019, each producing team will deliver bi-annual festivals of high quality touring work, alongside homegrown talent, workshops, feasts, music and discussion. The CTN festivals challenge traditional touring models that often exclude areas without an existing infrastructure for theatre and performance.

Over the past three years of the CTN project, festivals have seen shows such as The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey, Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Ballad of the Burning Star and Tourettes Hero’s Backstage In Biscuitland being performed in community centres, schools, libraries, barns and a range of other spaces embedded in the community.

Over the next three years, each festival will feature three touring shows selected by the network. With touring artists staying in residence for a week in each touring location and delivering a wide programme of performances, workshops, artist-artist exchange, open rehearsals and scratch performances.

The Collaborative Touring Network is supported by Arts Council England , Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation and Unlimited Impact.