Season6: 7-17 May 2019

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MULTI-BUY OFFER: Book a £11 ticket for 1 of 4 Platform 8 Festival of Theatre shows (COAT or Juliet & Romeo or Now Is The Time To Say Nothing or She's A Good Boy) and then you can book a concession rate for a ticket for the other shows. £18 for 2 brilliant shows. Or £25 for 3 shows. Or £32 for all 4! Eligibility for concession may be required at ticket collection.. T&C apply


Filskit Theatre

A gentle, playful performance using light, colour and sound, for babies aged 6 - 18 months and grown-ups. MORE INFO HERE

Juliet & Romeo

Lost Dog

Sexy, funny and subversive this is a stunning journey across love, loss and longevity. MORE INFO HERE

Now Is The Time To Say Nothing

Reem Karssli & Caroline Williams

An interactive sound and video experience, questioning how we become distanced from global conflicts. MORE INFO HERE



Yomi Sode

A humorous and moving response to the mistakes made by elders that leave the next generation uncertain of what is expected of them. MORE INFO HERE


Lost Dog Workshop

Solène Weinachter

A physical theatre / dance workshop led by Solène Weinachter (Juliet) from Lost Dog. Hosted at Peterborough Regional College. Pre-booking essential. FREE TO TICKET HOLDERS

She’s A Good Boy

Elise Heaven

An honest, moving and very funny solo show exploring non-binary gender identity using Elise’s real everyday life experience. MORE INFO HERE


Kid Carpet - Noisy Holiday

Kid Carpet

This lively kids show contains a mix of live music, theatre, comedy, puppetry and animation. The Noisy Animals are looking forward to their dream holidays. MORE INFO HERE

What Words Are Ours?


A bold, playful and joyous poetry-cabaret, featuring some of the most innovative and daring UK artists working with text, poetry and spoken word. MORE INFO HERE


Scratch Club


Poets share work in progress and get constructive, supportive feedback on their performance from their fellow poets. MORE INFO HERE