Scratch Night

7.45pm Tues 8 Oct

@ Key Theatre (studio), Embankment Rd, Peterborough, PE1 1EF

Tickets: Pay What You Decide* Prebook your tickets here and then decide what you want to pay afterwards.

*Pay What You Decide audiences can attend shows without paying for a ticket beforehand, but tickets are reserved prior to a performance. Then on exiting the show, or online, you have the opportunity to make a donation of what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay, based on your overall appreciation of the event.

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PART 1: PLATFORM8 SCRATCH: Local poets flex their performance muscles, trying out pieces of new material in front of a live audience:

- Short, Scouse, and loud, Amber-Page Moss was the 2018 Cambridge Hammer and Tongue Champion, and came 2nd at the National Final. Amber-Page will be pulling together poems on her struggle with and recovery from anorexia. 

Peter Cox lies in wait for words, they sometimes get hurt in the capture so might not do what you expect. Victorian dreams of honour and chivalry betrayed by human nature.

- Sandy Wardrop is a writer and stand-up poet from Peterborough, whose experimental poem 'It's Safe Here' went viral in March 2019. In this experiment, through stand-up, stories and poems, Sandy explores things we'd rather not say aloud - without saying a word himself.


Helen Seymour is struggling to keep her head above water. She has weak muscles, screws in her spine and can’t stop thinking about creative ways to commit murder. Her therapist has put her on the Potentially Dangerous Persons list, her tarot reader thinks she needs an exorcism, and the boys she’s dating wonder why she keeps getting distracted. She’s not sure she can be trusted; she needs you to watch her.

Directed by Hannah Silva, this funny and very dark second solo show tackles dating, violent intrusive thoughts and what happens when the only representation of your body you can find…is in horror movies. 

“Helen is a mad genius and her words are like a warm bath”– Caroline Bird