by Miriam Sherwood

Tickets: £11 / £7 student conc

PERFORMANCE 1: 7.45pm, Fri 19 Oct @ The Key Theatre, Embankment Road,  PE1 1EF

Age recommendation: 12+
Running time: 90 mins

A time travelling piece of musical theatre which traces real family connections across national, historical and political borders, celebrating the power of laughter in troubled times

Miriam and her granddad are making a cabaret together. They’re the perfect double act: he’s got the stories, she loves telling them, and they both have a theatrical flair. The only problem is they’ve never met, he died 37 years ago.

Jan ‘Laco’ Kalina, satirist, collector of jokes and writer of cabarets, was born in Czechoslovakia in 1913. A Slovak Jew, he survived the fascists only to be imprisoned by the communists.

Digging through objects and stories, his jokes, skits and songs, Miriam and her live band conjure a joyful ‘Grandad Cabaret” that rings with laughter from a very different place and time.

Rendezvous traces family connections across borders, and celebrates how families and friends find strength in the sharing of well-worn stories and jokes, even at times of trouble and danger.

    Rendezvous in Bratislava Production Shot 3 (c) Miriam Sherwood_preview.jpeg
    You captivated me with the story of a person I knew nothing about, and gave me a way into a culture I knew nothing about. Thank you.
    It made me feel inspired, moved, determined to smile and laugh – at oppression, bureaucracy, bigotry, life (and at ourselves!).

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