Shall I Speak For You?

This is an open call for submissions to an R&D process to develop new pieces of dramatic writing - we are looking for samples, examples, proposals and pitches of fresh texts for single voices.


  1. One-person plays that reinvent the form, think Ross & Rachel  or Luke Wright's Frankie Vah, or Strindberg's The Stronger.
  2. Pieces that could work in non-traditional settings - our audiences don't have to sit in a darkened room waiting for an actor to come on stage, but they do sometimes.
  3. Fresh voices that, whilst not claiming to speak for everyone, can connect with others,  give audiences fresh insight, or provoke active thought.
  4. Potent stories that resonate locally (the pieces will initially be developed and performed in Peterborough) and that also connect with universal experiences and perspectives - which might be something we discover during the development and rehearsal process.
  5. Initially we are looking for pieces that can be developed or sampled for short performances as part of Peterborough Women's Festival 2018 on 10 March and / or as part of Peterborough Pride - Sat 30 June to Fri 6 July . Other selected pieces that don't fit with these early events can be added to our portfolio of pieces which will be part of an Platform8 event in Autumn 2018.


  1. If you would like to have a chat about your ideas drop Kate a line via the contact page and we will schedule some group coffees and chats in Peterborough city centre through February.  
  2. You can ask public questions on the post on the Jumped Up Theatre page - we do not have the capacity to deal with pre-submission queries on a private /individual basis.
  3. Get your ideas developed as you can, but also be ready to develop your piece, to strengthen the writing, to adapt it for performance and to be programmed within emerging opportunities.
  4. Please submit proposals to be considered for the Women's Festival by 28 Feb latest to
  5. Please submit all other proposals by 30 March 2018.
  6. Label submissions Shall I Speak For You? and we will confirm receipt.
  7. A selection of submissions that strongly meet the criteria above and excite the reader will then receive dramaturgical support by Jumped Up's Kate Hall.
  8. There be a further selection of pieces for rehearsal and performance by professional actors for scratch performances and further projects.
  9. Jumped Up is committed to paying artists for their work.  Any pieces submitted and selected for public performance will be offered a fee commensurate with professional standards.

I look forward to receiving your ideas

Best wishes

Kate Hall

Creative Producer

Jumped Up Theatre