She’s A Good Boy

by Elise Heaven

Sun 12 May @ 8.00pm

@ The Brewery Tap, 80 Westgate, Peterborough,  PE1 2AA

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Or call The Key Theatre Box Office on 01733 207239

Age recommendation: 13+ Please note contains some strong language.
Running time: 60 mins

*CONCESSION ELIGIBILITY FOR “SHE’S A GOOD BOY”: People in the receipt of any income related or disability benefits, carers, and multi-buy full-price ticket holders for Platform8 Season6 COAT, Now Is The Time Say Nothing and Juliet & Romeo. Proof of eligibility may be required on collection of tickets. Refunds for full price to concession tickets cannot be made.

Elise is called ‘pretty’ the same amount of times as being called ‘sir’ in an average week. If Elise had £1 for every time someone has asked 'Are you the best man?' then Elise would have £2.

Elise is often asked, 'Are you a boy or a girl?' the answer to this question is: No.

She’s A Good Boy is a solo show exploring non-binary gender using Elise’s real everyday life experiences.

She's A Good Boy is produced by Strike A Light and the development of this work was supported by Arts Council England, Strike A Light, Pegasus Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre and Hawkwood College.


“Absolutely mesmeric. An intimate, ferocious hour, blasting the conversation wide open.”

"Very funny and emotional and thought provoking."

"Masterful, brave and important."

"Fantastic throughout, an amazing performer, hugely innovative stage craft, very enjoyable, something I hadn't thought enough about, brill!"

"Had no idea what to expect-it was SO funny and thought-provoking."

"So mesmerising and raw."

"Very pleased this topic is being covered! ground-breaking."

"Inspiring and honest."

"Very important to tell stories like this, for whoever your audience are."

Absolutely mesmeric. An intimate, ferocious hour, blasting the conversation wide open
— Audience Feedback
Very important to tell stories like this, for whoever your audience are
— Audience Feedback

What is non-binary gender?

Gender and biological sex are not the same. Biological sex is a classification of male or female, based on chromosomal and anatomical characteristics, (genitalia).

Gender is a range of identities based on cultural and social differences rather than biological ones.

Gender is a spectrum Non-binary is an umbrella term for persons who do not identity as exclusively male or female, regardless of their biological sex. e.g. a biological woman who identifies as ‘they’ and does not feel exclusively male or female. People who call themselves non-binary may mean different things by it, but in essence it is a term used by people who don’t feel that they are exclusively male or female in the way that binary gender roles are defined. They may see themselves as having elements of both or neither.

Clothes, hair and other indicators...

We learn to recognise biological men and women by the way the present their clothes and hair etc. The current binary gender roles what is currently considered to be masculine or feminine is something that our society creates and teaches and which is reinforced by the way we speak to, play with and dress boys and girls from birth.

So how do we tell who is who?

Instead of looking at the outward appearance of a person, to determine their gender identity, we should just ask them.

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